Welcome to The Black Widows Lair. This is where I’ll be posting the challenges I have going on for all three of the games.

*Just a warning: There will be nudity and foul language used from time to time. If that bothers you than this isn’t the place for you.


Valley of Destiny

an ABC Legacy

The Vatore's

following a Sims 4 family through the ages.

dank memes melt steel beams

my blog for when tumblr is being a little bitch

Zahra's 100 Baby Challenge

A multi-generation Baby Challenge that begins with story of a young woman called Zahra who sets out to start a new family after being exiled from her own.

Kalaya ISBI

Not Even I Know What's Happening

The Black Widows Lair

A Black Widow Challenge

100 Bittersweet Memories

A 100 Baby Perfect Genetics Legacy

Paint the Town

a Sims 3 Rainbow 100bc

Simple Pleasantries

A Story of Manners, Love, and Scandal in 1814

The Dysfunkshinul Legacy

Perfection was never an option.

A Little Pizzaz

a Sims 3 Legacy

Twisted Tales

A Generational Story

Colorful Insanity

A ISBI challenge with a dash of 100 baby and perfect genetics.


A control freak doing th ISBI challenge... this is going to go well.

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